In House Interior Design

In Store Consultation

Sit down with one of our in house designers and discuss space planning, art, accessories, and other elements of design for a room you are working on. We will schedule up to 90 minutes with you during our store hours. This one on one help is perfect for a project that you may be stuck on. During this time, we will review your room measurements, color swatches, fabrics, etc. to make sure you are on track! We request that you book your appointment at least 3-5 days in advance. This is a complimentary service.


Room Plan

Our customized room plan is for our clients who are looking for a quick makeover. Our in house designers will take your room measurements and have a complete room design within 7-10 business days. Our room plans work within your budget and are customized to your specific design style and room function. These plans are restricted to 3 revisions and are complimentary if you supply your own measurements. Professional in home room measurements and 3D visualizer is a one time fee of $150.


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Exploration calls

If you aren’t sure where to start, schedule a free exploration call with one of our designers. Sometimes it is helpful just to walk through what your problems and needs are so we can help you decided where to start.


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