There’s More To a Rug Than Meets The Eye

There’s more to a rug than its colors, patterns, or textures. A great rug helps ground furniture and define a space. It also protects floors from scuff marks, absorbs noise, and provides plush padding underfoot.

If you’re looking for a new rug, a visit to The Linen Duck (located in Columbia, just 40 minutes south of Nashville) is always a good idea.

Keeping Time-honored Traditions Alive

We carry Loloi rugs – beautiful rugs designed for today’s homes, brought to life by centuries-old craftsmanship.

Made in India, Loloi rugs are still crafted the old-world way. Every step of the process—whether it be the dip dyeing of wool or the intricate task of weaving—is done by hand, where proud artisans keep this time-honored tradition alive.

Loloi rugs are designed for particular people, by particular people. With its vibrant colors, intricate textures, and unique patterns, you’re bringing home pieces that will look great now—and decades from now.

A Thoughtfully Decorated Room Begins with the Right Rug

Choose a rug that complements your room’s décor. A patterned or colorful rug will complement rooms with a muted color palette. Colorful rooms will benefit from the visual contrast a neutral rug provides. 

It’s also important to get a rug in the correct size. This could spell the difference between a space that looks haphazardly put together and a thoughtfully decorated one.

The Linen Duck’s interior design center has hundreds of sample options to choose from. Special orders usually arrive within a week. Learn more about rugs from our online guide or visit us in the store.

Rug Offerings at the Linen Duck

At Linen Duck we offer a wide selection of rugs both natural and synthetic fibers. Plant fibers are typically collected from the outer layers of the plant stem. Natural fiber rugs are valued for their durability and eco friendly nature. Synthetic or man-made materials are most prized for the general ease of care and resistance to color fading relative to the other materials. Choose the rug fiber that suits your preference.